Restoration Free Gospel Church Share Food Program   
Restoration Free Gospel Church is a Host Site for SHARE Food DC-Metro

The Current SHARE Food Monthly Menu:

Summary Information:
$22.00 Per Value Package
Register and place orders every 1st and 4th Sunday at RFGC from 1-2pm. Pickup order(s) on provided Saturday from 8-10am

How Can I Save Money On MY Groceries Through SHARE?

Register at Restoration Free Gospel Church and Pay just $22.00 per Value Package. Give two hours a month of volunteer service in the community. Pick up your SHARE package(s) at the Restoration Free Gospel Church host site on food distribution day. Receive approximately $45 or more worth of quality frozen meats, fresh fruits, vegetables and staple items at 50-60%% savings. Register and pre-order the next month's Value Package!

SHARE Food DC - Metro Division
What is SHARE and It's Mission?
SHARE (Self Help and Resources Exchange) is a community based non-profit community building network that provides wholesome and nutritious food to families and individuals. By drawing together individuals and community resources SHARE empowers it's participants to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.
How SHARE Started
SHARE was started in 1983 in San Diego, California by Deacon Carl Shelton and the Catholic Diocese.  SHARE DC-METRO (designate #8343) was launched in April 1990 by Associated Catholic Charities and the Knights of Malta.  To date there are 25 SHARE affiliates across the United States, and programs in Guatemala and Mexico.  Future plans include Europe and Africa.

SHARE DC-METRO serves an average of  over 12,500 families monthly.  Helping these families same money on their grocery bills, while strengthening their communities through volunteer service.  SHARE DC-METRO has organized over 330 volunteer host organizations.  These organizations include churches of all denominations, senior centers, military installations (USO), Headstart programs, schools and PTA's, food banks, union locals and tenant associations.  They help build our local network.  By combining national buying power with local volunteerism to help operate host sites and the warehouse, SHARE is able to offer quality food at substantial savings to our participants.For more information regarding SHARE DC-METRO, visit their website:
Who Can Participate?
SHARE, is open to anyone who wishes to participate.  If you can eat, you qualify!
What Makes SHARE Work?
By pooling thousands of dollars across the nation, SHARE purchases food at wholesale prices and passes the savings on to participants. Volunteers re-packages food purchased in bulk and distribute it throughout a network of host organizations in the DC Metropolitan area. 
SHARE works because of the people who participate in the network.  They purchase the food packages and contribute community service hours, which helps themselves and others.  In addition, the 25 SHARE affiliates purchase food together like a cooperative.  This is what makes it possible to purchase up to $45.00 or more of food for only $21.00!
What Is In The Value Food Package?
Containing 6-8 lbs. of meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, and staple items (e.g., rice, pasta, potatoes), the package is designed to supplement a family's food budget with savings of 60% over local grocery store prices.

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